The black ase Art team

Our aim for BM22 is to present our vision through a large-scale interactive & immersive photographic installation mapped across three sculptures, each offering a unique experience.

The three large-scale portraits of Black Burners stand 30ft tall on playa and mark their place in histories (past present and future). They are meant to not only be seen, but touched, heard, documented, and remembered.

Our team

The Black Ase Team members who have contributed to this project.

  • Project Lead/ Art Director – Erin Douglas
  • Operations/ Production Lead – Everett Alexander
  • Build Lead – Kyle Mimms
  • 2nd Build Lead – Brian Green
  • Project Manager – Fran Xavier
  • Volunteer Lead – Stella Hoffmann
  • On Playa Programming – Casandra Anthony
  • Fundraising Lead – Maia Lang
  • Events & Marketing – Mollie Ary
  • Fundraiser, PR – Candace Locklear
  • Art Support Camp Lead – Ariel Sutro
  • Architect Support – Sarah Stell
  • Architect Support – Joe Leach
  • Architect Support – Fran X
  • Builder Support – Jesse Bloom