Stories From the Dust

Be a part of Black! Asé by sharing your story. Record your story so we can use it as part of the audio experience of Black! Asé. 

Due Aug 4th


  • Must have attended Burning Man at least once and Must Identify as a person of color.
  • Review Questions below
  • Record each question separately
  • Start each recording with “Question #> repeat the question> then start
  • Don’t just answer the question. Tell us a story. Use first person. 
  • End each answer by saying your first name or playa name. i.e … Erin/FoundHer
  • Record in a quiet room, like the bathroom with limited noise
  • Speak clearly, not too fast or slow, and use your personality or the emotion of your experience/story/response
  • listen to your recording to make sure you are clear
  • Email and send recordings to
  • In your email include: Your name, email, playa name, address, list the question numbers you’re including
  • Is English your 2nd language. Do you want to share your language in your native tongue? Please record both versions or email us
  • Do you use ASL. Please reach out to us via email. We would love to discuss ideas to include as many people as possible. Ideas include sending us response in written form, having someone you know also record your response. 
  • NEW DATE EXTENDED – Due Aug 4th

The Questions:

Chose up to 5 questions to record and answer. Suggested recording response time included.

  • Required: Burning Man is like….? Finish the sentence- Burning Man is like….. Think BM is like Tokyo on the moon or inside the Internet. In your most creative explanation of Burning Man what is Burning Man like to you? (20sec)
  • Q1- How were you introduced to Burning Man? Why did you decide to attend? (60sec)
  • Q2- Were you apprehensive about going to Burning Man? if so why? (30sec)
  • Q3-When you finally get through the gates and into the city and you see everything for the first time (the camps, the people). What were you feeling and thinking at that moment? (60sec)
  • Q4: How has burning man impacted you most? (60sec)
  • Q5- Do you feel Burning Man is an experience more Black and Brown people should get to experience and why do you think this is so important? (up to 2min)
  • Q6- What was your biggest misconception about Burning Man? (30sec)
  • Q7- What has it been like as a person of color at a Burning Man & how is it different from everyday life (up to 2min)
  • Q8- Share one of your most magical only at Burning Man moments that stick with you. (up to 2min)
  • Q9- What advice do you have for POC who have been timid to attend because they don’t think its a space for them (30sec)
  • Q10- The biggest challenges you’ve faced at Burning Man (30sec)
  • Q11- Share a life story that will give an inside perspective of life as a person of color to those who can’t relate. (up to 3min)